1. Regular and Punctual attendance is insisted upon. No student can leave the school campus without the permission of the Principal during the school hours.

2. Students would not be absent from school without prior permission taken by the parent or gurdian in writing. Student absence on account of illness, application should be sent to the principal without which the students would not be admitted in the class. Parents are requested not to call away during the school hours. Students should be present on the first and last day of each school term.

3. Magazines and papers other than those found in the school library should not be circulated in the school without the permission of the Principal.Students should not borrow school library books from each other.

4. No subscription should be raised or raffle ticket etc sold in the school without the permission of the Principal.

5. Students are not allowed to keep money with them. They should not bring valuable articles to school. The school is not responsible for goods lost.

6. Students are expected to make good the damage done by them to furniture, library books and other property of the school.

7. Students should come to school in school uniform. Slippers are not allowed. The school uniform should not be worn outside school hours.

8. Pupils must walk in silence inside the school. They can never leave the class without the permission of the teacher.

9. All correspondence addressed to pupils is subject to the scrutiny of the Principal.

10. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school in enforcing regularity and discipline by seeing that their children prepare lessons and by taking an active helpful interest in the activities of the school.

11. Parents are invited to confer with the school authority on the progress of their children from time to time.

12. No language other than English allowed to be spoken by students in a school bus or inside the school campus (except in the language classes)

13. All correspondence to the school should be addressed to -

The Principal

Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute



14. All complaints or remarks about methods about methods of teaching, curriculum etc should be made to the Principal, not the teacher concerned.

15. When there is any contagious disease in their homes, the students should not come to school without the clearance of the doctor.

16. Pupils who do not return promptly after holidays and those who absent themselves for a month without leave may have their names struck off the rolls.