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Digital Campus

HHMI — A Digital Campus

HHMI has an obligation to ensure that the school environment is safe and secure and fulfil  duty of care to students, staff and visitors. The CCTV cameras have been installed to assist our school to fulfil these obligations and to prevent and manage other inappropriate behaviour in school grounds. CCTV has been installed in strategic places in the school campus not only for the security of the students but also to monitor and uphold discipline among the students. CCTV strengthens our school security by providing an appropriate level of surveillance on school grounds, reassuring the students and staff that they are protected.

Technology aided teaching, our Digital classrooms have highly encouraged comprehensive learning. Ultimately leading to better performance of pupils.

In collaboration with Extramarks, every classroom at HHMI is equipped with a smart board, not just to make the class interesting but also to bring virtual world inside the classroom.

This also enables immediate and permanent impact on the learners, making learning convenient, easy and interesting.

The digital classrooms are equipped with the latest audio – video infrastructure. The objective of Digital Classroom is designed to make every hour of learning very interesting.