Lichubari, P.O. – Cinnamara, Jorhat, Assam | 0376-2340150

Vision and Mission

H.H.M.I is committed to the welfare of its students. It consistently provides a modern learning program in a secular environment and enables its students to adapt to future. It provide the best setting for education necessary to produce excellent minds.

H.H.M.I offers all assistance to students to achieve positive academic results. Our mission is to aim for all round excellence and is committed to harnessing flair of each child. We believe that educating children in Science and Humanities is as important as providing a window to understand the world around them.

As in the past, it welcomes students of different cultural backgrounds from the Northeast and other parts of India to be a part of its community.

Our Motto

Our school’s motto is Vidya Vimuktaye or Knowledge is Power. Vidya Vimuktaye literally means real freedom can be achieved only through knowledge. It is the basic characteristic of our school and what we all stand and strive for.

On March 5, 2012, HHMI turned 50 years old. To mark this memorable occasion, we commissioned a new emblem. The design was created in keeping with the values the school stands for. The flame and the open book represent knowledge, courage, hope and happiness. The globe symbolizes leadership, cultural unity and secular universe. The emblem has our school colours, which are red, white, and navy blue.

Our emblem was created by Arijit Gupta, an accomplished Ad Man who worked in multiple advertising agencies in various capacities. Arijit has also directed and produced a film.