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The Significance of Encouraging Peer Interaction & Collaboration among Young Children
The Significance of Encouraging Peer Interaction & Collaboration among Young Children

The first school for children is their surroundings. They learn so much by observing things around them that no curriculum can teach. Early interactions and behavior of other people around play a major role in the development of their inner voice and personality. Peer interactions leave a lasting impact on their young minds and even […]

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The vital need to raise environmental awareness among kids

The growing concerns around the environment are no surprise. Thanks to the ever-growing population and overconsumption by humans, environmental awareness has become a need of the hour. With alarming issues such as global warming, fauna extinction, lack of clean air, and overflowing landfills, we must focus on environmental awareness right from childhood. This will help […]

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How students can benefit from goal setting

Imagine driving your car and not knowing where you wish to go. You could stop at an attractive destination mid-way, but who knows if that is the ideal destination. Maybe paradise was waiting for just 2 km away and all you needed to enjoy it was to know about it. The same holds good for […]

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Why is it important to learn life skills in school?

We are living in an era of abundant information. With practically never-ending information that is easily accessible through various means such as books, the internet, and television. gaining theoretical knowledge isn’t a challenge anymore. Experts believe that even with online education, theoretical learning doesn’t take a backseat. However, practical knowledge and life skills education often […]

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How to ensure effective learning outcomes during the holidays

Parents are often concerned about the progress of their children. They are on a constant lookout for ways to positively engage the children in a way that facilitates learning. The pandemic has already been tough on parents and educators alike. With constant worrying about the future of young children and education goals being sidelined, it […]

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What to look for while searching for a school for your child?

The beginning of the school journey is a major milestone in a child’s life. It has the potential to make or break the child’s future. Parents pin high hopes on the school and wish that their children develop the skills to make it big in the real world. However, with a multitude of schools, boards, […]

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Why does Emotional Intelligence need to be encouraged in school?

While academics are important for a career, emotional intelligence is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of life. It is a sensitive aspect that is governed by childhood experiences. Parents and the school are equally responsible for ensuring that emotional intelligence holds paramount importance. It refers to equipping students with ways […]

Best Practices followed by best CBSE schools in Assam
Best Practices followed by best CBSE schools in Assam

A school is a place where children spend a major chunk of their day. The school must plan the day in a way that aids holistic development. Apart from the routine, everything about the school’s methodology must reflect their commitment to the well-being of children. Some practices have developed and been recognized as the best […]

Should a school’s pedagogy focus on language and communication
Should a school’s pedagogy focus on language and communication?

In the modern era, we see a lot of focus from parents and teachers on language and communication skills. It has become paramount to be proficient in English to survive the real world out of school. However, is that really required? We often see people arguing about the same. While some say that language is […]

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How do clubs and houses in school help students?

While generations have been associating schools with solely academic learning, the real meaning of learning is way beyond that. Focusing on many aspects apart from mainstream subjects is essential for schools. This will help them ensure the all-around development of kids. To enable students to function in groups and be ready for the real world, […]

How quality school infrastructure can facilitate improved education
How quality school infrastructure can facilitate improved education

The importance of education is not unknown. It is the basic building block of growth and development. However, proper conditions are quintessential to impart quality education. The infrastructure of a school plays a very important role in determining the morale of students and teachers. It also ensures the availability of all that is required to […]

The typical routine of the best CBSE schools in Jorhat
The Typical Routine Of The Best CBSE Schools in Jorhat

We all strive to give the best to our kids. Right from their first diaper to their toys we chose everything meticulously. The choice of a school is no different. All parents look for a school that adds to the overall development of their child. If a school facilitates a conducive environment for the growth […]

Choosing the right school for your child amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
Choosing the right school for your child amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

The choice of a school is one of the most critical decisions that will determine the future of your kid. To overcome the challenges and turbulence of current times, it is important to choose a school that will focus on the mental health of the child too. Finding the right school has become even tougher […]