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How students can benefit from goal setting

Schools in Assam School in Chandan NagarImagine driving your car and not knowing where you wish to go. You could stop at an attractive destination mid-way, but who knows if that is the ideal destination. Maybe paradise was waiting for just 2 km away and all you needed to enjoy it was to know about it. The same holds good for student life. Students need to have clear and concise goals. This helps them to channelize their efforts and allocate time effectively. Goals are also great motivators when students are too overwhelmed and wish to give up. Schools in Assam encourage students to define realistic goals, help them come up with actionable plans to achieve them.

Academic performance also improves significantly. Best CBSE schools in Assam attribute this improvement to increased accountability. When students feel that their failures and successes depend on them, they move diligently towards success. Even minor victories on their way to the goal motivate them to perform better and increase their confidence and productivity.

Below are some ways in which goal setting helps students:

Helps them to plan and stay focused: Maintaining a journal of goals or noting them down on a wall or notice board acts as a regular reminder for students to work towards their goals. It motivates them to plan. Irrespective of the goal, defined goals help the students to stay focused. They do not aimlessly waste their time looking for the ideal activity to engage themselves in, as they already have a plan. This helps them stay determined and ambitious to scale greater heights.

All humans go through difficult phases where enthusiasm seems to dip. Goals help students to see the impact of hard work and motivate them to sail through tough times.

Instills a sense of pride and achievement: Whether it is an academic goal or something as simple as saving money to buy the desired object, fulfilling the goal offers a great sense of pride for the student. This is turn convinces them they can accomplish even the seemingly impossible tasks if they work towards them.

Realistic goal planning makes seemingly impossible tasks achievable: Goal planning must stay realistic otherwise, it can get demotivating. Some tasks that seem unachievable at first seem possible if realistic and periodic goals are set. Breaking down the bigger goal into smaller achievable components makes it easy and motivating. Each stepping stone increases the motivation to work harder for the next. For students, it makes way for effective utilization of energy without getting overwhelmed or feeling burned out. The completion of milestones is also a great time to assess their strengths and weaknesses and arrange help if required.

Gives a sense of accountability:

A goal becomes a personal responsibility and thus instills accountability in students. They need to be responsible for their efforts, actions, and the way they manage time and resources. It also helps them to look beyond obstacles and strive to overcome them.

As a result, kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving. They also get the confidence to face challenges without giving up.

Accountability leads to retrospection. This way they can assess past failures and successes and identify areas of improvement. They also learn to recognize which techniques work for them and which don’t.

Creates the desire for self-improvement:

Goal setting brings the students out of auto-pilot mode. They realize that they need to be their pilots to navigate tough situations and reach their goals. They become more conscious about the result of their actions and take it on themselves to improvise their approach for better results. So, growth and development are automatic results of goal setting.

Make them ready to tackle the challenges of adulthood: The dedication, determination, and improvisation developed in childhood are important skills that come in handy during adulthood. Goal setting extends way beyond academics and also helps with household chores, self-development, and readiness for the professional world. School in Chandan nagar believe that this is an important habit that helps students to progress in life.

Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute in Jorhat emphasizes goal setting. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students are presented with achievable goals and are encouraged to work towards them independently. This helps inculcate critical thinking and decision-making skills and students get prepared for their time in the world beyond school. Parents and students describe HHMI as the best school in Jorhat and the school works hard to stand up to the expectations.