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The vital need to raise environmental awareness among kids

CBSE School in Assam | List of Schools in AssamThe growing concerns around the environment are no surprise. Thanks to the ever-growing population and overconsumption by humans, environmental awareness has become a need of the hour. With alarming issues such as global warming, fauna extinction, lack of clean air, and overflowing landfills, we must focus on environmental awareness right from childhood. This will help the children to connect to the world around them and to learn to improve and sustain the environment.

CBSE School in Assam constantly strive to include environmental education in their curriculum. They follow different routes to achieve this. These include bringing nature into the classroom, facilitating outside learning and incorporating environmental awareness in day-to-day conversation. Top schools in Assam also nudge parents to focus on environmental aspects when they interact with their children.

Caring for the environment is not a choice but a necessity. All parents and educators must recognize the need to impart environmental education for a sustainable future. Below are the top benefits of environmental education:

Benefits of raising environmental education among children:

  1. Interactive learning that fuels imagination and enthusiasm: Environmental awareness and education facilitate hands-on learning. They make way for interaction and discussions about better ways to sustain the earth. This helps to build imagination and creativity in children. This I because they strive hard to look for environmentally sustainable alternatives to mainstream tasks and procedures that pose environmental hazards. This increase in imagination and creativity helps the children to excel academically as well.
  2. Continued learning even outside the classroom: The world and nature’s elements came first and they were meant to teach the living beings everything about existence. Classrooms are a recent phenomenon and nature is the best classroom. Environmental education enables students to look for learning without being guided. This way they make a connection and apply the learning to other aspects of their life. They also get better equipped to understand social, political, and cultural aspects of life.
  3. Helps to nurture critical and creative thinking skills: When children know about the environment, they understand how things happen without reading long texts about it. This helps them to understand which human actions hurt the environment. Schools in Assam recognize the impact of environmental education on the decision-making skills of students. They thus facilitate education with the environment at the core and strive to raise a generation of informed consumers.
  4. Students learn tolerance: In an era when even the world leaders are fighting about environmental issues like climate change, environmental awareness empowers students to learn about both perspectives. They learn tolerance and present their opinion based on their knowledge and research subtly.
  5. Effortlessly learn other subjects: Best List of Schools in Assam have observed that by incorporating environmental awareness in the curriculum, they have made it easier for students to grasp other subjects such as science, math, history. Simple environment-focused activities encourage discussions that benefit students in other subjects as well.
  6. Encourages sensitivity towards environmental issues: The children of today will be adults of tomorrow. They will grow into consumers, policymakers, and decision-makers. Making them aware of the environmental impact of their actions will enable them to be sensitive about the environment before they assume decision-making roles as adults.
  7. Environment awareness encourages healthy lifestyles: Environment education encourages children to spend more time with nature, be physically active and make healthy food choices. This can prevent obesity, mental health issues, and nutritional deficiencies.
  8. Emphasizes the importance of community living and coexistence: When students take it upon themselves to do something for the environment, they understand that it is not a single person’s job. Thus, they develop a sense of community by reaching out to volunteers, local groups experts, etc. This teaches them that it takes everyone to save the future but they should still do their bit. The best CBSE schools in Assam regard coexistence as an important life skill and thus consider environment awareness as one of the effective ways of raising children.

All these benefits make environmental awareness a critical subject at the school level. Hemalata Handiqui memorial institute is one of the best schools in Jorhat and pays attention to environmental awareness. The experience faculty team at HHMI believes that environmental awareness will help students to understand how their decisions and actions impact the environment. They impart environmental education with the hope of raising better citizens for tomorrow.