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How do clubs and houses in school help students?


While generations have been associating schools with solely academic learning, the real meaning of learning is way beyond that. Focusing on many aspects apart from mainstream subjects is essential for schools. This will help them ensure the all-around development of kids. To enable students to function in groups and be ready for the real world, schools need to adopt multiple approaches. Right from reading books and storytelling to team activities for practical exposure to co-existence, the best schools in Assam do it all to inculcate life skills in students.

School clubs and houses are a way to achieve such goals. They are a great way to instill a sense of belongingness and healthy competition among the students. These houses do not divide the students but help in positive skill-building that books cannot achieve alone. They also instill a sense of patriotism and the zeal to do anything for the entity you belong to. The Top 10 schools in Assam employ a well-designed house and clubs system that helps with the following:

Fosters a feeling of companionship:

The house system ensures that students from different grades and sections come together with a common goal of success. This helps the students interact with people beyond their classroom and age group. It also helps them to learn about dealing with people of varying age groups and learning levels. Working as a part of the house towards a common goal gives them a sense of unity. Peer respect and value for teams are some major takeaways from this approach.

Inculcates leadership skills:

With houses comes the concept of house captains and prefects that work together to ensure the smooth functioning of the house. These captains manage all students from different classes and skill sets. They match the right students to the right tasks and maintain discipline. This is like shouldering responsibilities in the real world, but at a simpler level. It helps with building leadership skills in students.

Makes the students competitive and ambitious:

Top schools in Assam come up with regular extra-curricular activities and inter-house competitions. These are the perfect way to develop sports person spirit and competitiveness among students. Students also learn that it is not always necessary to win, but to compete. The spirit of ambition in the houses is infectious. The winning house aims to create a victory streak, whereas the others try to perform better to overtake them.This is a good career lesson that will be useful in years beyond school.

Make the students aware of their abilities

Different activities and events conducted under the house system help the students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. They slowly understand their interests and passions and work on them to emerge victorious in the house system. The zeal is many fold when they are working with the motivation to get accolades for their house. These little successes motivate the students to try harder to get better at the skills and also give them a sense of achievement.

Develops them into team players as well as individuals

Houses are a mix of a huge number of students that differ based on their capabilities. The house competitions help everyone know their skills and understand how they can contribute to the house. They also learn to work together as a team and reap benefits using their individual strengths as a part of a team. This way, they also learn to appreciate others’ talents. These are very important skills for the practical world and cannot be learned without such hands-on exposure.

Clubs and houses are essential elements in a successful school approach

Schools that incorporate club and house systems prepare their students better for real-world challenges. Introducing these skills early helps them be ready for situations that will come up later in life.

If you are also looking for the best school in Jorhat that focuses on these aspects right from the beginning, Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute is a great option. HHMI Jorhat instills the value of leadership and teamwork right from the beginning through the house system. This way they ensure the comprehensive development of children and make sure that they are future-ready.