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Why is it important to learn life skills in school?

We are living in an era of abundant information. With practically never-ending information that is easily accessible through various means such as books, the internet, and television. gaining theoretical knowledge isn’t a challenge anymore. Experts believe that even with online education, theoretical learning doesn’t take a backseat. However, practical knowledge and life skills education often go for a toss in remote learning scenarios. Many argue that life skills need not essentially be part of the curriculum as children pick them up as they go through life. The truth, however, is that kids need to be empowered with real-life skills early in life. It has now become more essential than ever. Top schools in Assam recognize this need and include life skills in their curriculum right from the primary years.

Learning real-life skills can help young children with self-awareness and they can figure out their interests early in life. It also prevents them from being overwhelmed or emotionally confused when they are subjected to an abundance of unfiltered information.

What are life skills?

Life skills are capabilities that help people to maintain their calm while facing everyday challenges. They also make them emotionally resilient and help them adopt a balanced approach to tackle interactions and challenges. Empowering children with life skills means modeling positive behaviors, social engagement ethics, positive attitude, etc. Primary schools in Jorhat believe that this education begins very early and once the foundation is laid, it is very beneficial in the future.

Why is life skills education important?

Studies show that the current generation is grappling with self-worth and attention issues more than ever. It has been suspected that the lack of life skills is at the root of all these issues.

Child psychologists suggest that life skills education is quintessential to building confidence, improving communication skills, encouraging cooperation, and inculcating collaborative skills. It also offers them the skills critical for development. When life skills education is facilitated in the early years, children build critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. It also gives them effective ways to socialize and to assess the impact of their behavior.

When they go ahead in the world and have no parents or teachers to guide them, it helps them take responsibility for their actions. It thus makes way for superior mental wellbeing.

The best schools in Assam employ training methodologies that help train their teachers to facilitate life skills education in kids.

Essential Life Skills that children need early in life:

Below are some skills that kids need to inculcate right from childhood so they grow up to be responsible citizens capable of decision making and emotional regulation:

  • Self-awareness skills to know of their strengths, weaknesses, and interests
  • Empathy and kindness to maintain positive behavior in adverse situations
  • Problem-solving skills to combat everyday life challenges
  • Decision-making skills to eliminate confusion while making life decisions
  • Creative and critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills to facilitate interaction in all situations
  • Positive acceptance of criticism and responding with elegance.
  • Interpersonal skills for relationship management
  • Time management skills to accomplish tasks timely and balance self-time
  • Stress management skills to cope with everyday challenges

Life skills result from positive and conscious upbringing, and incorporating them into the curriculum helps students in many ways. Schools in Assam understand this and design their routine and curriculum in a way that aids the development of these skills.

Schools in Jorhat also urge parents to understand the pressure that young children face that determines their behavior. They come up with plans to offer solutions.

Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute in Jorhat is one such school. It is one of the List of Higher Secondary Schools in Assam that doesn’t focus solely on academics but on the all-around development of the students.

They focus on life skills education and ensure an environment for the students that helps in their overall growth.