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Best Practices followed by best CBSE schools in Assam

Best Practices followed by best CBSE schools in AssamA school is a place where children spend a major chunk of their day. The school must plan the day in a way that aids holistic development. Apart from the routine, everything about the school’s methodology must reflect their commitment to the well-being of children. Some practices have developed and been recognized as the best practices for childhood development. If you are assessing CBSE schools for your children, it is a good idea to know about these best practices. Top schools in Assam swear by the following best practices:

Positive engagement during circle time:

Circle time is when all children sit together with the teacher and discuss their feelings and plans. Teachers use this time to nurture decision-making skills and teamwork abilities among students by planning the structure of the day with them. This also gives them a sense of accountability and they know they must plan their work based on this structure. This is also the time for meditation, recitation, breathing exercises, image visualization, etc. This is a great way to build concentration. There are many primary schools in Jorhat that follow this approach, and parents and teachers report excellent results. This engagement during circle time sets the rhythm for the day and generates positive energy that lasts throughout the day.

Constructive Assessments:

Top schools in Assam realize that exams and assessments shouldn’t pressurize the children. They should add to the goal of learning. Making tests only about cramming and marks makes them a futile exercise. Assessments should encourage curiosity and understanding. Comprehensive assessments conducted by the best schools in Assam ensure they aid cognitive and social engagement. They regularly conduct activities to encourage self-assessment. This helps the children to be aware of their thoughts and helps them assess if they are thinking in the right direction.

Creativity building:

Best schools in Assam focus on more aspects than just textbooks and memorizing. They help to encourage natural creativity in children. Different schools use different approaches to do this. Some focus on diary writing to help children express their thoughts, some do impromptu storytelling, building using open-ended blocks, and a lot more. Primary schools in Jorhat use this approach for little children too, to help them express themselves freely. They focus on free art more than coloring within the lines and clay modeling without molds. While these are just examples, schools that focus on creative expression are great places to facilitate learning.

Focus on breathing and self-reflection:

Focusing on kids’ mental health is as important as their academic and physical growth. The foundation for self-reflection and positive development needs to be laid right from childhood. Best preschools in Jorhat start these efforts very early. They focus on breathing and silence to make the children self-aware. With teacher-guided meditation and breathing exercises, they learn to relax and destress. These schools also observe 15-30 minutes of group silence.

Defining the course of sessions based on the needs of students:

Not all students are the same and sticking to a fixed class routine will only make students feel lost. Top schools in Assam train teachers to understand the special needs of each student and come up with an inclusive and unique approach. They are trained to open ways of communication for all students and apply a conflict resolution approach to make everyone feel heard. Teachers also come up with rules and structures for the classes based on the social and cognitive needs of the students.

Child-led learning methods and responsibilities assigned to children:

Right from food to extra-curricular activities to studies, schools let the children lead the path of learning. Children are encouraged to eat their meals, organize their bags according to schedule, etc. Instead of forcing them, teachers explain the importance of tasks and let them be themselves. Someone is available to guide them instead of ordering or controlling them. They are assigned responsibilities such as managing stationery, using the dustbin, keeping the surroundings clean, etc. This helps them to respectfully respond to each other and be accountable for tasks that impact them.

Periodic events for all-round development

Children need exposure to all skills to ensure they develop comprehensively. Sports, oration, dance, visual arts, self-defense, etc. are activities that help children explore their interests and inculcate required skills. Schools that incorporate these skills in their curriculum set their kids for success later in life. Teachers also take help from students to organize these events. This helps them develop leadership and organization skills.

Educational visits and trips:

The world is a beautiful place with a plethora of experiences to offer. Going out is the best way for kids to get practical knowledge. Some of the best schools in Assam organize regular trips and excursions to help children explore the vast world. Through these, the schools aim to kindle their natural curiosity and address it with experiences.

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