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Why does Emotional Intelligence need to be encouraged in school?

Top School in Dergaon | Best Junior School in JorhatWhile academics are important for a career, emotional intelligence is one of the most important factors that determine the quality of life. It is a sensitive aspect that is governed by childhood experiences. Parents and the school are equally responsible for ensuring that emotional intelligence holds paramount importance. It refers to equipping students with ways to manage their emotions. This will help them deal with the challenges of life. Staying calm and beating stress is of utmost importance in modern times when lives are getting more complex each day. Top schools in Assam understand the benefits of emotional intelligence and structure their routine around activities and communication that strengthen this aspect in students.

Here is why emotional intelligence is important and must be emphasized in schools:

Teach them about managing emotions: To sail through tough situations in life, it is important to manage tough emotions effectively. High emotional intelligence in students makes them ready to face stress and have control over their emotions. This helps them to focus on their skills rather than getting overwhelmed in stressful situations. This makes way for smart decision-making and improving performance. best junior School in jorhat ensure that they design the curriculum in a way that values emotional management more than academic learning.

Foster Leadership skills: Emotional intelligence is the foundation stone for leadership skills in an individual. Practicing it in early childhood helps children to grow into effective leaders. Apart from leadership, it also helps students to make meaningful connections with others. These skills equip them to perform all roles in their lives and they come out with flying colors in all their endeavors.

Inculcate compassion and empathy: All academic excellence or sports acumen holds no value if the child is not kind. Empathy and compassion are basic skills that all humans must possess. Those with high emotional intelligence often understand how an action affects the other person and act in a way that is practical and kind. They develop a sense of understanding and the inclination to help others. Empathy is an important trait for personal and professional life and enables students to set an example and also to be responsible in life.

Ability to handle stress: There will never be a dearth of stressful moments in life. However, if a person develops or breaks under stress will depend on how they handle their emotions amidst an episode of stress. Emotional intelligence ensures that children have the requisite stress management skills that help them stay calm during trying times. These skills also help tackle anxiety and overthinking. The best schools in Jorhat invest themselves diligently into the welfare of their students and work hard towards building emotional intelligence.

Better expression in life and varied circumstances: The world runs on communication and people need to express themselves well to excel. Personal, as well as professional achievements, depend on the quality of expression and speech. Students with good levels of emotional intelligence exude confidence when they put forth their opinions. This helps them to create a great impression. They also do not fear calling a spade, a spade. This skill is very important in adulthood.

Better personal relationships: While it is often ignored, personal life holds a lot more importance than professional performance. Success in personal relationships also ensures better mental health. It is a very important factor in a person’s life and thus must be tackled at the school level.

The corporate world also demands that people exhibit emotional intelligence and thus top schools in Assam pay emphasis to this aspect. Hemalata Handiqui Memorial Institute is one of the Top School in Dergaon and pays special attention to inculcating emotional intelligence in kids. The parents of existing HHMI students report clear improvement in their children and hope they become empathetic and effective communicators as adults.